What makes Savage Race so awesome?

Laura P. -

Savage Race is a true test of courage and teamwork as over 100,000 attendees annually push themselves to their limits to defeat the world’s best obstacles, including gut-wrenching favorites such as Colossus, an enormous 43’ obstacle with a 16’ quarter pipe ramp followed by a free-fall water slide and Sawtooth, a 35-foot span of gnarly up-and-down monkey bars requiring tremendous upper body strength. With over 25 jaw-dropping obstacles forged with 65 tons of steel and drenched in 1.5 million gallons of water and 60,000 pounds of ice, the magnitude of the event is nothing short of epic.

We also offer a SavagePro division for competitive athletes and a SavageJR race (click here for more SavageJR info) for the little ones, so there’s something for everyone at this event. Medals of honor and a cold beer are handed to participants as they cross the finish line and join the festivities taking place after the event.

SavagePro winners are awarded the Savage Axe of Fame, age group awards, and cash prizes (at select events) to top finishers. No prize, however, is better than the victory stories and muddy hugs that are passed amongst friends and strangers, along with promises to meet again at the next event. 

Savage Race participants race to conquer fears, honor loved ones, and forge bonds and memories that last a lifetime. 

Are you ready? Let’s get Savage! Find your race and sign up here.

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