What comes with a SavageJR registration?

Dana J. -

Each SavageJR participant will receive:

  • Official Savage Race Finisher Medal
  • SavageJR Race Bib
  • Savage Race T-Shirt
  • One complimentary spectator pass
  • A huge smile and a great memory!

Savage Race is a ticketed event for all runners and spectators. Anyone who enters the event gates must have a ticket.

Spectators have access to the venue grounds are welcome to following along the entire course route. Spectators are prohibited from getting on obstacles the actual course path/in the way of runners.

Adults who have children running SavageJR course are more than welcome to be on the SavageJR course and help their child on the SavageJR obstacles.


Click here for more SavageJR info.

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