What time is SavageJR?

Dana J. -

Saturday SavageJR wave times (2): 8 years old and under:  11 am and 1:00 pm; 9 years old and older: 11:20 am and 1:20 pm

Sunday SavageJR time (1): 8 years old and under: 11 am ONLY; 9 years old and older:  11:20 am ONLY

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Sunday option for SavageJR is ONLY at our Florida events. 

We don't need to list their preferred time. Please just bring them to the SavageJR race area a few minutes prior to the race time, and they will have a great time!

We understand that parents may be running their own race, so kids can run at either time on Saturday. On Sunday, there is only one SavageJR wave time. If you are assigned a wave time that conflicts with the SavageJR race, you are also welcome to adjust your wave time accordingly. It is easier for adults to move back to later wave times than assigned, but slots in earlier waves do tend to open up as well. Please just go to the start corral at your preferred time, and we'll do our very best to get you in.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your SavageJR's wave time.

A parent or guardian must be present at the SavageJR race.

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