Can I get a refund?

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We do not offer refunds. However, you can transfer your registration to any future Savage Race OR to another person. You must let us know at least 30 days prior to your event to be eligible for a no-fee transfer. If you wait until after the deadline to notify us, you can still transfer, but there will be a $30 fee associated with the change for PRO, Race, and Blitz racers, and a $10 fee for SavageJR racers.

There are no fees associated with spectator transfers, regardless of when you contact us.

Here's how a registration transfer works:
  • Contact us to cancel and transfer your registration.
    • Please let us know to which event you would like to move your registration and any additional, pertinent information regarding your inquiry. 
  • If you contact us about a transfer prior to the no-fee deadline detailed above, we will honor your no-fee transfer request, even if we respond to you after the deadline.
  • After we have all of the information we need from you, we will transfer your registration to the future event of your choice.
    • If you contact us within 30 days of your event or if you contact us after your event date, we will send you an invoice for the $30 transfer fee. Requests made before this deadline are $0.  
  • If you're transferring your registration to another runner, we will need the following information for the replacement:
      • First and last name
      • Email
      • Phone number
      • DOB
      • Gender
      • Shirt size
      • Emergency contact's name and email  
Contact us to cancel your registration and request your transfer.

2021 $0 Event Transfer Deadlines:
1. Florida Spring, 3/13/21 & 3/14/21- $0 transfer fee deadline: 2/11/21
2. Georgia Spring, 3/27/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 2/25/21
3. Central Texas, 4/10/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 3/11/21
4. Maryland Spring, 5/1/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 4/1/21
5. Ohio, 5/15/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 4/15/21
6. Charlotte, 6/12/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 5/13/21
7. Boston, 7/10/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 6/10/21
8. Chicago, 7/24/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 6/24/21
9. Pennsylvania, 8/7/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 7/8/21
10. Maryland Fall, 9/11/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 8/12/21
11. Georgia Fall, 9/25/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 8/26/21
12. Dallas, TX, 10/9/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 9/9/21
13. Florida Fall, 11/13/21 & 11/14/21 - $0 transfer fee deadline: 10/14/21
Active Duty Military: If you are unable to attend due to military duty, you may receive a refund OR a no-fee registration transfer upon providing official documentation regarding your deployment. Please be advised that the refund and no-cost (regardless of date) transfer option is only available to the person(s) who is in the service and has orders that will prevent them from attending their Savage Race event. This policy does not apply to family/friends whose registrations were purchased on the same order. Please contact us for additional details. 




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