What are the penalties for not completing obstacles?

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NOTE: BlitzPRO is not available at any location outside of Florida. In Florida, BlitzPRO is held on Sundays at 7:30 am-7:55 am. SavagePRO is available at all Savage Race events nationwide, on Saturday at 8:00 am-8:25 am. At the Florida events, SavagePRO will be from 7:30 am - 7:55 am on Saturday. 

BlitzPRO athletes must complete all of the obstacles in order to be eligible for prizes and awards.

If you fail an obstacle, you may retry as many times as needed. If you are unable to complete the obstacle, you will be required to remove your timing chip that is threaded through the velcro wristband before moving on the the next obstacle. The timing chip that is threaded through the velcro wristband is the BlitzPRO identifying wristband. (See our official rules for more details and a photo of the wristbands.) In your bib packet, you will receive two timing chips. Please be sure to read the official rules for details regarding these two timing chips. 

If runners complete 100% of the obstacles with both timing chips still on, they must check in at the finish line tent in order to receive the silicone PRO band. 

Those who are unable to complete all of the obstacles are still eligible for age group awards as long as no one else has completed 100% of the obstacles in the same age group.

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