How are BlitzPRO teams scored?

Laura P. -

NOTE: For 2020, BlitzPRO is not available at any location outside of Florida. In Florida, BlitzPRO is held on Sundays at 9:00 am.SavagePRO is available at all Savage Race events nationwide, on Saturday at 9:00 am.

  • The fastest team is determined by the sum of the 3 fastest participants from each team. Teams with fewer than 3 participants in the BlitzPRO division are not scored.
  • Eligible team members must successfully complete 100% of the obstacles as outlined in the SavagePRO and BlitzPRO Official Rules and must have their silicone SavagePRO wristband at the end of the race. (In 2018, The BlitzPRO silicone wristbands will be the same as the SavagePRO silicone wristbands. Starting in 2019, the BlitzPRO wave will have a unique silicone wristband design.)
  • All team members must check in at the results tent by the finish line to verify their 100% obstacle completion success.
  • All team members in the BlitzPRO division are also eligible for any and all individual awards.


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