Military Orders - Unable to Attend a Race

Laura P. -

Active Duty Military:

If you provide us with a copy of your orders (classified information redacted), we can either set you up with a refund or provide you with a 100% off registration transfer for a future race or give it to someone else to use. Either option is available.

If you aren't able to give us a copy of your orders, we can provide you with further instructions on our standard transfer policy which does require a $30 fee to complete if processed within 30 days before your scheduled event date. If the transfer request is processed before this time, there is no fee. 

Please be advised that the refund and no-cost (regardless of date) transfer option is only available to the person(s) who is in the service and has orders that will prevent them from attending their Savage Race event. This policy does not apply to family/friends whose registrations were purchased on the same order.

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