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We’ve created a Savage challenge that you can do right from home, or anywhere!

What is the challenge?

You will have four weeks to complete 14 separate workout challenges designed by some of the industry’s heaviest hitters. The clock starts ticking on the day you sign up. The workouts alternate between non-running conditioning workouts and run training drills. The running workouts were created for you by top Savage athletes like Chrissy McFarland, Yuri Force, Rachel and Ken Corigliano, Ryan Woods, Ashley Samples, Lee Stowell, the Stangle brothers, and more. The non-running conditioning is provided by our friends at CompTrain, an elite training organization.

You can complete the challenges for free, HOWEVER…

If you register and pay $55, you are accomplishing a few things:

1. We will send you a Savage Race or Savage Blitz finisher shirt and medal upon completion.
2. Your completion will count towards Savage Syndicate.
3. You are helping us out when we need it most.

The Details…

  • This program does not require access to a gym. Ideally, you will have access to a few basic pieces of workout equipment: a dumbbell (or something heavy), a jump rope, a ruck/backpack, and a pull up bar. If you don’t have these pieces of equipment, a full body weight program is also offered.
  • All of the challenges are difficult and will make you feel uncomfortable at times. That’s the point. These challenges will make you stronger, faster, and improve your overall health and conditioning.
  • Seven of the challenges include running and seven do not.
  • There is a Race option (more distance on the running challenges) and a Blitz option.
  • Both challenges are 14 workouts over 28 days.
  • If you sign up for both Race and Blitz options, you can have an additional 28 days to complete both programs (28 workouts over 56 days total), and earn a full Savage Syndicate.
  • Keep a workout log, and share your results and workout photos in the Savage Syndicate Facebook group. Facebook group participation is not a requirement, but encouraged).
  • You can scale workouts as needed to match your fitness level. It’s ok to swip-swap between Blitz and Race options as you work your way through the program. It’s ok to scale weight and movements as needed to match your ability. Walking, run-walking, or rucking may always be substituted for running. The point is to push yourself.

Where can I find the workouts?

The workouts will all be posted here, with new workouts appearing every two days.

How do I get my finisher medal and t-shirt?

Upon completion, anyone with a paid registration may fill out this form to claim their earned T-shirt and medal.

All of the information listed above can be found on the Savage Anywhere page. If you have any questions left unanswered regarding the challenges, please send us a message at 


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