Coronavirus and refunds - Why we can't give refunds.

Dana J. -

Here's some perspective as to why we can't give refunds.

When an unexpected shock event (like a global pandemic) forces us to postpone events, event producers like us get hit hard. The money for postponed events has already been spent on things like obstacle materials, production, advertising, payroll, travel arrangements, merchandise, medals, insurance, equipment, and so forth. Most of our budget is committed to these items many months in advance of your event. Our margins (if any!) are made on the onsite sales at events (merchandise tent, onsite ticket sales, parking, bag check, etc). When events are postponed, we take a huge hit, even without giving refunds. If we started giving refunds we would be bankrupt in a week or so. I know this might not make you feel much better, but these are the facts.

The best thing we can do right now is offer you a transfer to another event. This is what we must do to survive and provide the most value to our community.

I hope that you will understand where we are coming from on this. Thankfully, most of the community is taking the position of support and have been very kind towards us and sympathetic about the predicament our organization is in. 

-Sam Abbitt
Savage Race Co-Founder & Owner

No-Fee Transfer Policy

September 14, 2020 Update

In the wake of the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, we want to be flexible with our customers when it comes to event transfers. We know that many of you can't wait to get back to racing, but there are still others who aren't quite ready yet. We amended our transfer policy to include a no-cost transfer option allowing registered participants and spectators to transfer their ticket to a future event. We intend to extend this flexibility into the future, even after Covid-19 is long gone.

For all 2021 and later events, you must let us know at least 30 days prior to your event to be eligible for a no-fee transfer. If you wait until after the deadline to notify us, you can still transfer, but there will be a $30 fee associated with the change for PRO, Race, and Blitz racers, and a $10 fee for SavageJR racers.

There are no fees associated with spectator transfers, regardless of when you contact us.


If you contact us about a transfer prior to the no-fee deadline, we will honor your no-fee transfer request, even if we respond to you after the deadline.
If you contact us about a transfer after the no-fee deadline, we will send you a $30 transfer invoice.
Active Duty Military: If you are unable to attend due to military duty, you may receive a refund OR a no-fee registration transfer upon providing official documentation regarding your deployment. Please be advised that the refund and no-cost (regardless of date) transfer option is only available to the person(s) who is in the service and has orders that will prevent them from attending their Savage Race event. This policy does not apply to family/friends whose registrations were purchased on the same order. Please contact us for additional details. 
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