How are the SavagePRO start heats assigned?

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Due to new safety protocols we have in place, the SavagePRO starts are split up into 3 or more start waves going off in five-minute intervals beginning at 9:00 am, according to the following schedule:

9:00 am- Elite men (must qualify)
9:05 am - Elite women (must qualify)
9:10 am - Age groups
9:15 am - Age groups

What is the difference between age group and elite starts?

All SavagePRO participants are categorized as either Age Group or Elite. Most of the PROs are assigned to age group starts, but the top ~40 men and women will qualify for elite starts.

The only difference between age group starting athletes and elite starting athletes is that the elite waves go first, and an athlete must be in the elite waves to place top three overall.

How do I qualify for an Elite heat?

Most Elite heat qualifiers have multiple top ten finishes at Savage Race or another major national series. If you cannot prove this level of success on your race resume, you probably will not qualify for an elite heat. If you do not have a reasonable chance of winning top ten overall, then there is no advantage to participating in the elite heats.

To see if you qualify for an elite heart, we request that you fill out the online survey, which we email to all registered SavagePROs one week prior to the event. If you do not fill out the survey, but are registered for SavagePRO, you will automatically be entered into one of the age group heats.

If you signed up late, or did not get assigned an Elite heat, and think you SHOULD have (e.g. you have multiple top ten finishes in Savage Race events, or at another major OCR series), then please contact us prior to the event and we will work with getting you into the Elite heat, IF you can qualify.

We reserve a limited number of elite starts for race day sign ups who can prove that they are qualified for elite heats on race day.

ALL of the waves are eligible for age group awards, including the elite heats.

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