Referring a Friend Via Ice Cream Social - Post-registration Offer

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So, you just registered yourself for a Savage Race – now what?


On this page, you’ll find the answer to any question you might have about the referral program. Please review this information thoroughly.

In order to receive a free race for a future event, you must have at least five (5) friends register via the referral invite URL links you shared after you registered yourself. In addition, they MUST apply the discount invite code to their race registration. If a different discount code is applied to the race registration, it will not count toward your free future race eligibility.

Q: What if I invite 10 friends? 15 friends?
A: You can only receive one free race registration. You will not receive a free race for every five friends who register via a referral invite URL you shared. Your eligibility does not reset with each race you register for. 

Q: I signed up myself and a group of others on the same registration order – does that count?
A: No. Your five friends must register via the referral invite URL you shared with them. You cannot be the one to register your friends. They must register themselves and pay with a different payment method than the one you used. Additionally, please do not use the same device to register, as the referral invite URL link tracks IP addresses.

Q: Does the SavageJR race count toward the referral invite count?
A: No. SavageJR registrations do not count toward the minimum number of registrations needed to redeem a free future race and the discount invite code is not applicable to SavageJR regitsrations.

Q: Does it matter if my friend signs up for a Savage Race or Savage Blitz?
A: No. As long as it is for either the full-length Savage Race or the shorter, Savage Blitz, it will count toward your free race registration eligibility.

Q: I got five people to join my team but they didn’t use the social invite URL or the invite discount code – does that count?
A: No. These both must be utilized for the registration to count toward your free future race eligibility.

Q: Can registrations retroactively be applied to the number of people I have invited to run a Savage Race?
A: No. Your friends MUST use the link you share with them to register.

Q: I didn’t save the link to use later and no longer have access to it. Can the link be re-generated?
A: No. The offer clearly states “If you choose to claim this offer later, make sure don’t miss out by saving a link to this page!”. Below this, there is a spot to click “I’ll claim this offer later”. We will not cancel your current registration for you to re-register and get a new link. If you go ahead and purchase a new registration to receive the link, you’ll have two registrations in your name and you will not receive a refund for either of them.

Additional notes and information:

  • The free race registration applies to open waves ONLY. If you would like the registration to be good for a SavagePRO wave, we will send you an invoice for the $30 upgrade fee. 
  • The free race registration applies to a FUTURE event of your choice. If you registered for the Florida Fall 2021 event and shared the referral link you received after submitting your registration, your free race cannot be redeemed for the Florida Fall 2021 event. 
  • This registration is not applicable to the premium start time windows. If you would like to register for a premium start window, please send us a message at
  • If your friends do not use the referral invite URL link you shared with them to register, it will not count toward your free future race registration eligibility.
  • Each friend will need to be sent and use their own individual referral invite URL link. Each person is sent their own link when you enter in their email, name via Facebook or Facebook Messenger, etc… Please do not copy and paste the link, as it will not track multiple uses.
  • This refer-a-friend/social invite program does not apply to the Savage Anywhere challenge


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